Greetings Earthlings! For I am KELL0EIGHT! Hello. This is my new blog.

Best friend: dreamhero4

Cool website: club penguin

Where I live: NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!…that was wrong.

Anyways, my real name is Kell08. If you know dreamhero4, you might know HPcomhpcom1. She helped me make this blog a little bit. But that little bit turned into a big excitement for me. Thank you Hpcomhpcom1!

I just can’t stop typing this blog is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION DREAMHERO4 & HPCOMHPCOM1! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s great to have your own website! P.S. I know you saw my blog already you little guys!Don’t deny it. This page is the most popular on my wordpress so remember, you told me I should put more stuff here. I have decided to appear on the server “tuxedo” or “frosty” on club penguin most often. So have fun when you see me. And when you see me on a server other than “frosty” and “tuxedo” say “uiopbobuyt” and you will earn a special mentioning on this website. Good luck finding me.

I spend alot of my time on club penguin busting people who do wrong things, mainly robbing and stealing. Please help with this and join the security. A good way to attract robber and set them up is to hold your money (a decoy) up in the air you’ll be able to arrest the robber without letting them steal anything important. I also like to play card jitsu. i win about 95% of the matches I’m in. I am a ninja in card jitsu. Here’s my appaerance on club penguin.

Color: 98% chance it’s black.

Clothes: Either ninja mask and black belt or pirate cap and belt.

What I’m doing: 20% chance fighting crime, otherwise playing, having fun, & hanging out with my friends.

I have 1 of each puffle on club penguin as well, they are very fun to play with.

Here’s a card jitsu tip for playing against the sensei, wait until the last moment to play your card, otherwise sensei can read your card. Do not wait for more than the time you have though, it will pick your card for you, and it will chose the one that will allow the sensei to beat you. Your time limit to pick a card in card jitsu is 20 seconds. Note: to become a ninja when you beat sensei, you must be a black belt when you play against  him.

I will be opening up my own card jitsu class here on www.kell0eight.wordpress.com so you can become one of my ninja’s. Also, why do this if you are already one of Sensei’s ninja’s? Well, HE would for extra experiance and wisdom train you in the ways of a fire ninja, well here on www.kell0eight.wordpress.com you can train to be an ICE ninja! How cool is that!?!? Oh, but you may have noticed that there is something missing from this, the water element. Any volenteers? Yes you heard me, and you heard me right and good, First person to comment “Water Master” will be the new Sensei if water. (You must also tell me the name of your blog, put the water ninja information on your blog in a weeks time after you report first to me, if you are not chosen, please delete the water ninja information and let your viewers down gently. Please tell me the name of your blog as well. (It must be a wordpress blog or you will not I repeat NOT be elected to be chosen. Have fun!)

If you wanna see dreamhero4’s wordpress then go to www.dreamhero4.wordpress.com.

If you wanna see HP comhpcom1’s wordpress then go to www.hpcomhpcom1.wordpress.com

dreamhero4 has a friend called peace 5472,

If you wanna see peace 5472’s wordpress then go to www.peace5472.wordpress.com

Hi, tehehehehehehehehe!

That was just unnecessary what I just said there. What I most want you to pay attention to on this page is the fighting crime part. Please kindly consider it.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what to do if your parents won’t let you comment. All you have to do is type in something like gfdagfdagdfgsd@dgdfgdagdfhdf.net. I don’t really care about your peronal information. Make sure you tell your parents before you do this. Even if they won’t let you that won’t kill you now will it?


2 Responses to “ABOUT… THE MOST POPULAR PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. kell0eight Says:

    Guys,… you know when I say that this is “The most popular page on my blog,” i’m not pulling your leg, this page actuslly gets the most views of all on my blog.

  2. Guys, just, pleeeeaaaasssse consider it.

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