Yo! Ya wanna take a vote? Comment to tell me your answer, it will not show up here but I always know what you say when you’re on my blog. The winning answer AND all the people who voted for that. The question is… Which of these book series’ is your favorite?    The choices are…

A. Warriors

B. Harry Potter

C. Star Wars

D. I can’t decide


Well it looks like the majority of the voters prefer Harry Potter, we really only had one voter but don’t think I’m gonna tell you who it was… No seriously, i’m not. I’m sorry if I got your hopes up.


3 Responses to “FUN VOTE!”

  1. dreamhero4 Says:

    B is my awnser i am hpcom hpcom 1

  2. Seriously guys! I’m just not going to tell you!

  3. hi your website is cool.

    –Thanks. Kell0eight.

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