I am Kell0eight. My actual name is Kell08, In club penguin, I am a ninja and hard to beat in card jitsu. I also passed the knights quest. Do you know dreamhero4? He is my best friend on club penguin. If you know him, you probrably know Hpkomhpkom1. She gave me some of the instructions on ho to make a blog. The rest I figured out. I could not have a better life with club penguin. They have the best games and ways to have fun. If you don’t have an account on club penguin then go get yourself one right this instant dude! SERIOUSLY!!!!!… that is all for now.


2 Responses to “HOME 2!”

  1. hpcomrox123 Says:

    Hey Kell08 check out my site again virtualcyborg i added a few things……… PS new game will be up TODAY

  2. Ok. šŸ˜€

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